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A clear solution to straighten your teeth

The obvious solution - An orthodontic treatment brings the fear of braces. What if, we say your teeth could be treated without braces?

Why Aligners4U

Aligners4U make use of the most advanced material and orthodontic technology to precisely and efficiently treat alignment issues.

Aligners4u is an orthodontic treatment that helps you to set your teeth, enhancing your smile with clear aligners. Wear your smiles with pride, from the moment your treatment begins.
We offer the highest quality aligners made with premium materials and latest technology to provide the finest care for you and your teeth. The treatment is observed by a professional every step of the way.
  • Aligners4U is so transparent that no one knows that you’re wearing them
  • Aligners4U is at ease and removable for both professional and personal demands, such as brushing teeth, eating, or special events.
  • Aligners4U is painless, light-weight, flexible, and incredibly smooth and hassle-free to wear.
  • Aligners4U – Preview the final result well in advance before the treatment starts.

Transform your smile is a big step. We provide you
the best way

Why Aligners4U
Use of advanced technology and highly researched material
Why Aligners4U
Professional Care
from Orthodontists
Orthodontist monitored treatment for improved predictability
Why Aligners4U
Aligners4u can be Removed when the wearer chooses, making it easier to eat, drink and to clean teeth.
Why Aligners4U
Hygiene and comfort
Aligners4U is comfortable to wear and remove making brushing and flossing easy,maintaining oral hygeine
Why Aligners4U
Aligners4U is economical and more convenient alternative to traditional braces
Why Aligners4U
Lesser Visits
The customization means that they require lesser adjustment than tradition braces and lesser visits to the dentist.
Invest in your Smile, you wear it every day Contact Us.

Advantages of Aligners4U Over Braces

Traditional metal braces

  • non-removable
  • non-removable
  • Food restrictions
  • Tough to maintain
  • 12 – 24 clinic visits
  • uncomfortable


Aligners4U aligners

  • Removable
  • Invisible
  • No restrictions
  • Easy to maintain
  • 0-4 clinic visits
  • Comfortable

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