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Wearing Your Clear Aligners

The first 2-3 weeks with clear aligners will typically be the most challenging as you and your mouth adjust. Any initial issues are temporary and normal and will get better quickly! While Placing and Removing aligner trays in your mouth you need to follow these simple steps
  • Always remember to wear your aligners full time which means 22 hours per day. The only time you should remove it is when you eat, drink, brush and floss.
  • If you do not wear your clear aligners regularly, the orthodontic treatment will not work! Anytime you are not wearing your clear aligners, your teeth will be moving back to their original, crooked locations resulting in delayed treatment.
How to Insert Your Clear Aligners
  • Make sure to use the correct clear aligner
  • Upper clear aligner for your upper teeth
  • Lower clear aligner for your lower teeth
  • Either may be inserted first
While inserting the clear Aligner
  • Gently push the clear aligner over your front teeth
  • Next, gently push the aligner on your back teeth with your fingertips until the aligner snaps into place
  • Do NOT bite your clear aligners into position since it may result in breakage or distortion of your clear aligners decreasing their efficacy.
  • Each time you use the chewies, bite down and hold in each spot for 10-15 seconds and walk the chewie along your arch.
How to Remove Your Clear Aligners with the Retriever tool
  • Hold the Retriever by the end with the hole in it.
  • Insert the hooked end into your mouth.
  • Use the hook to gently grasp the edge of your aligner near the front of your mouth and pull away from your arch.
  • If resistance is felt, it may be necessary to repeat step 3 in several locations along your aligner until it comes loose.
  • Be gentle, using excessive force may damage your aligner.

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