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How many hours a day should one wear Clear Aligners?

How many hours a day should one wear Clear Aligners?

“Aligners4U” – “Aligning Miles Of Smiles”

Clear Aligners, also referred as Invisible or Transparent Aligners, are a series of sets of Bio-compatible thermo-plastic trays, which are widely preferred orthodontic option to align, straighten and for smile corrections. They are very discrete, light-weighted, smooth and easy to use. They are also easily removable during meals, consumption of hot/cold drinks and during washing them or brushing/flossing the teeth.

To avail maximum benefits, one has to wear “Aligners4U” for at least 20-22 hours each day till the end of the treatment period. They have to be removed only while having meals or while consuming very hot or very cold liquids or when brushing & flossing the teeth. One must ensure that whenever the aligners are removed or put back, they have to be thoroughly cleaned and washed to maintain proper oral hygiene.

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