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When & Why are Clear Aligners or Invisible Aligners removed?

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Aligners should be removed:

  • Before having meals
  • While having hot/cold drinks
  • For washing & cleaning (least twice daily)
  • While brushing & flossing the teeth (at least twice daily)and rinsing the mouth – preferably with a mouth wash after every meal.

Why should they be removed?

Primarily, in order to maintain proper oral health and good oral hygiene as well as to keep the aligners in good condition, the aligners are to be removed.

The reasons for removing the aligners:

  • To wash and clean the aligners at least twice daily with a soft brush and a gentle cleanser. Tooth pastes are to be avoided. This helps in maintaining the aligners in good condition as well as hygienic as bacteria is removed while cleaning and washing
  • To remove the aligners while having meals or snacks helps prevent any damage to aligners or even getting them dislodged while chewing & biting
  • To remove aligners while consuming hot or cold liquids prevent damages to aligners.
  • To be removed for brushing/flossing the teeth as it helps prevent bacteria formation by removing the food particles which get stuck between the teeth while having meals or snacks.

 Aligners4U – A Gift of “Bright SMILE4U”

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