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What material is a Clear Aligner made of?

Aligners4U – “A Gift Of A Perfect Smile”

Clear aligners are manufactured from a thermoplastic material known as polyurethane. This is a strong but flexible material which is long-lasting.

As this thermoplastic material is transparent, the aligners are very difficult to notice when worn over the teeth. The aligners are harmless to the human body and also are bio-compatible.

Due to their flexibility and light weight qualities, they fit comfortably and snuggly on the teeth. Once fitted on the teeth, they put gentle pressure on the teeth and slowly push them to the desired position.

These physical properties make them the most preferred options for mild to moderate orthodontic issues like misalignment of the teeth, malocclusions, teeth crowding etc.

Aligners4U – “A Gift Of A Perfect Smile”

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