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What If a Clear Aligner is lost or misplaced


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One should be very careful in handling and safe-keeping of the clear aligners as each aligner plays a very important role in the therapy. Losing or misplacing one may cause discomfort (physical & financial) and even extension of treatment period in some cases.

It is possible that even after taking proper care sometimes one loses an aligner. If it happens then no need to worry and the following steps are to be taken:

  • In case the lost aligner has neared the end of its treatment period, then just switch over to the next aligner in the series and the rest of the treatment goes as planned. This may cause you a little discomfort initially but will fade off soon
  • In the case where you have just started the treatment period of the lost aligner, then simply switch back to the previous aligner in the series. Once this is done, you must visit your dentist who may make amends to the treatment plan and a set of new aligners may be required. This may take some time as your aligners are custom made and are not available off the shelf.
  • In the case of loss of more than one aligner, the obviously a complete fresh set of aligners will be required to be ordered for the treatment and the treatment will be delayed a lot.

In any of the above circumstances, one must consult the dental specialist immediately to avoid any complications in the treatment. The dental specialist will decide the future course of the treatment after evaluating your progress thoroughly.

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