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Ways to correct Lisping during Clear Aligner therapy


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It has been noted that sometimes a candidate undergoing Clear Aligner Therapy develops Lisping in the initial stage of the therapy. This happens while pronouncing “S”/ “ST”/ “Z” and is due to sudden restrictions in the movement of the tongue while speaking or singing. Also, when the clear aligner is fitted on to the teeth, the clear aligner occupies certain space in the areas behind the teeth where the tongue touches in order to utter some specific letters or words. This sudden change in the space for the tongue to function causes lisping.

Lisping can be controlled and corrected by taking following steps:

  • Loud Reading: One of the best way to control lisping is to read aloud and read articles of interest
  • Singing: Regularly singing aloud will help control the lisp
  • Talking: One should not shy away from talking just because of the lisp
  • Practice: No need to get disheartened rather should practice regularly to pronounce the letter & words where lisping occurs
  • Patience: Do not lose patience and give some time to the tongue to get adjusted to the new environment.

Once the above points are followed, the lisping will fade away gradually as this is only an initial issue of the therapy which can be easily controlled and corrected.

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