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Teeth protection from cavities during Clear Aligner treatment

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To save your teeth from tooth decay and cavities proper oral hygiene has to be maintained properly. You just have to ensure that the following steps are followed religiously.

  • Do not forget to remove your “ALIGNERS4U” clear aligners while eating or drinking (except drinking water which should not be too hot or too cold).
  • Wear them only after thoroughly cleaning, washing with a mild soap and soft bristled tooth brush and rinsing them with clear water.
  • After each meal or any sort of cold / hot drinks or shakes, before wearing the clear aligners back, do not forget to brush or floss your teeth. In case Brushing / flossing is not possible, at times, at-least rinse your teeth with clear water thoroughly.

By following these guidelines properly, the small food particles, bacteria, plaque are removed from the teeth, between the teeth / teeth gaps and on the surface of the clear aligners. Hence, when the teeth and the aligners are free from food particles and bacteria, you can stop the cavities from forming.

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