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Open Bite & its treatment by Invisible Aligners

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An Open Bite: A situation where the upper and the lower front teeth (anterior teeth) are not in proper contact with each other but the posterior teeth (in the back), like molar & premolar are in ideal contact with each other when the jaws are closed, it is called an “Open Bite”.

Reasons for Open Bite: Genetic or Hereditary; Obstruction in the airway passage; Thumb sucking habit; Tongue thrusting habit &/or Deformed jaw or skeletal abnormalities.

Issues caused by Open Bite: Aesthetic issues – unpleasant looking face and unpleasant smile; Problems in biting and chewing; Speech impediments &/or Gum disease.

Aligner treatment for Open Bite: One of the most preferred treatment option in Orthodontic treatment for mild to moderate dental open bite is “Clear Aligners” treatment. In consultation with an experienced Dental specialist, one can correct the open bite with Clear Aligners. They are very hygienic, are easily removable transparent plastic trays. One can remove them while having food and also clean them and brush & floss the teeth twice daily. It usually involves a series of custom made aligners that are fabricated as per the individual’s teeth profile. These aligners move the teeth and jaws gently & gradually into the ideal positions.

The duration of clear aligner treatment for crossbite can vary depending on the complexity of the situation. Generally, treatment can take anywhere between 12-18 months depending on the complexity of the case. During the treatment period, the patient will need to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, removing them only for eating, and brushing / flossing the teeth.

Aligners4U – A Gift Of Cheerful SMILE4U

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