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Monitoring of the Clear Aligner therapy


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Proper and regular monitoring is a must for the success of the “ALIGNERS4U” Clear Aligner therapy. The candidate should strictly follow the below mentioned steps for the desired results:

  • The candidate should wear the clear aligners for 20-22 hours daily and remove only during eating, drinking (except water), brushing/flossing the teeth and to rinse/wash the aligner
  • Each aligner should be worn for around 15 days before being replaced by the next in the series
  • The candidate should visit the dentist every 2 months for the evaluation of the progress
  • Getting regular check-ups done will help the dentist to understand & decide whether there is any change is required in the designing of the aligner sets or will the current set is good enough to proceed with. It is very rare that any change is required.

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