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Lisping during Clear or Invisible Aligner therapy

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What is a Lisp or Lisping?

When words containing the sibilants “s” & “z” are pronounced wrongly as “th” & “t͟h” due to the improper movement of the tongue, is called “Lisp” or “Lisping”.

Causes of Lisping due to Clear Aligner Therapy

When any foreign body is attached or added to any part of our body, there will be some discomfort, mostly in the initial stages till that body part gets accustomed to the new environment. Similarly when a clear aligner or any teeth straighter is fitted on the teeth, there is a change in the environment of the mouth.

The tongue, which plays a major role during the speech, gets most affected as it gets lesser space to function all of a sudden. During the speech process, the tongue invariably touches the back of the teeth and other parts of the mouth.

When the clear aligner is worn, it also covers a portion of gums in the back of the teeth. While uttering words containing “s” or “z”, the tongue touches the back of the teeth/gums where, due to the clear aligner covering the teeth/gums, it gets lesser space to function properly and lets out faltering words.

This issue is not to be worried about as this is only an initial problem till the tongue gets adapted to the new environment. Once the tongue gets adapted, it will gradually start uttering the words properly without faltering.

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