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How to wear & remove Clear or Invisible Aligners

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ALIGNERS4U clear aligners are made of transparent, flexible & strong “BPA FREE” thermoplastic material. Despite of their strength and flexibility, they need to be used very carefully or else they may get damaged or de-shaped. In such cases, they will cease to work efficiently and may not solve the purpose of the aligner therapy. In order to keep them safe and at optimum work efficiency level, the following care is to be taken while wearing and removing the clear aligners:

  • Wearing / fitting process: Rinse and wash the hands and the ALIGNERS4U clear aligners with clean water before inserting into the mouth. Push-fit the aligner gently with the forefinger and thumb on to the teeth arch and then gently press the aligner portion at both ends of the last teeth with the thumb. ALIGNERS4U clear aligner is now perfectly set on the teeth.
  • Removing process: First the ALIGNERS4U clear aligner has to be pulled out very gently from the last teeth on both sides of the arch together and then they have to be pulled out from the front teeth.
  • Cleaning & Storing: After removing ALIGNERS4U clear aligners from the mouth, rinse and wash them with clear water, soft bristled brush and denture solution or mild dental soap / detergent. Do not use tooth paste at all to clean them as the tooth paste will damage them. After cleaning and washing, dry them at room temperature and store them safely in their case.

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