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How are Clear or Invisible Aligners designed?

“ALIGNERS4U” -A Gift of Radiant Smile4U”

“ALIGNERS4U” clear aligners, which are custom made, are designed & fabricated with utmost care and passion at our State Of The  Art facility in Hyderabad.

Digital designing takes place in our cutting-edge laboratory. Our lab is equipped with the most up-to-date computerised systems and the highest quality 3D imaging software available in the industry.

  • Our dental experts take IOS – Intra oral scan, a specialised advanced tech scanner for the purpose, of the teeth.
  • The information is then passed to our CAD-CAM department where a precise 3D digital model of the teeth and jaw is created.
  • Based on this 3D model, our team of experts, with the help of a specialised software, fabricate the aligner series in a step by step manner. Most importantly, this software evaluates each and every small moment of the teeth during the treatment process till the teeth reaches its desired position. Finally, according to these step by step stages, the aligner series are fabricated.

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