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Does switching of clear aligner causes “Lisp”


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“Does lisp occur whenever we change over to the next clear aligner in the series?”

This is very common question most of the people have while undergoing the Clear Aligner Therapy.

Tongue, which is a very flexible & strong muscle, plays the most important role in speech. During the initial stages of the therapy, the tongue movement is restricted a bit resulting in “Lisp”. Over a period of time the tongue adjusts itself to the new environment or surroundings and starts functioning normally. Once this stage is reached, the lisping goes away.

By the time the next-in-line clear aligner replaces the previous one, the tongue would have gradually got adjusted to the aligners. Hence, as the surroundings will be similar, the tongue will not find any change in the environment. As such, there will be no more issues of a lisp and the pronunciations of the words will be as desired by the speaker.

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