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Does Clear Aligners change the taste of the food ?


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Clear Aligners cover the teeth and the gum line as they are designed to fit snugly on the teeth. Thus, the tongue is always in contact with the clear aligners, particularly at the roof of the mouth.

The sudden change in the environment may cause, in some people, a slight variation of taste and texture of the food or any beverages. There should not be any cause of worry as this issue will fade off in a few days once the tongue and the mouth get adjusted to the new environment.  Once the initial period therapy is over, the taste of the food will return as it was before the start of the clear aligner therapy.

In case where the issue lingers on for too long, then one must consult the dental specialist who is handling the therapy. The specialist may, after evaluating, suggest or make some minor changes in the clear aligners.

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