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Dental Crowding & its treatment by Clear Aligners

Aligners4U – We “Align” your beautiful Smile

What is Dental Crowding?

“Crowding” is a condition where there is a lack of enough space in the jaw or dental arch to accommodate all the teeth in a properly aligned manner. This condition also occurs in the cases of bigger than normal teeth, which take the space of other teeth resulting in crowding. This condition leads to overlapping of the teeth where the teeth become crooked and gives a staggered look.

Causes : Dental crowding leads to various problems like difficulty in biting & chewing, speech difficulty, Gum disease and also may lead to the issue of cavities as it is very difficult to clean / brush / floss between the teeth.

Reasons: There are various reasons leading to dental crowding like it can be an hereditary issue, an early loss of primary teeth & even a lack of proper oral health maintenance.

Treatment by Clear Aligners: Custom made Clear or Invisible Aligners are a widely preferred option to fix mild to moderate Dental Crowding cases, including straightening of the teeth.

Aligners4U – We “Align” your beautiful Smile

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