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Dental Crossbite solution with Clear Aligners

Having dental crossbite issues? Why worry?

This can be easily set aright with clear aligners from ALIGNERS4U

We have all the solutions to your cross bite issues  

All under one roof

  • In-house Clinic – The treatment plan of the individual is done by our team of very experienced and skilled orthodontist & prosthodontists.
  • Design – ALIGNERS4U clear aligners are accurately designed and modelled at our highly advanced 3D Design section by expert engineers.
  • Fabrication- Based on the 3D designed model, our State Of The Art technology lab fabricates the clear aligners. The fabrication is done on the latest model machines.
  • Finishing – After fabrication, our dedicated and experienced team of experts check your clear aligners for any burrs. If any burrs are found, they are removed and given a smooth finishing.
  • Delivery & Fitting- Finally your clear aligners are ready to be fitted on to the teeth. Our Prosthodontist, snuggly fit the clear aligners on the teeth and give a final check for fitment and comfort.

So just pay us a visit and return with a “Gleaming SMILE4EVER”

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