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Clear Or Invisible Aligners V/s Traditional Braces

Aligners4U – We “Align” your beautiful Smile

There are various factors which give Clear Aligners an edge over the Traditional Braces, which are mentioned below:

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CriteriaClear AlignersBraces
1VisibilityVery difficult to detect as it is transparentVery Obvious due to wires & brackets
2AestheticsHighly Aesthetic – gives a natural look as it is transparentAs they are very obvious while wearing, so they are not aesthetically pleasant
3ComfortVery comfortable as they are smooth and lightLoss of comfort due to wires & brackets
4RemovabilityCan be easily removed and wornThey are a permanent fixtures for the length of treatment
5Oral HygieneHighly hygienic as they can be removed daily before meals and hot drinks, when they can be washed and also one can brush & floss the teeth, when the aligners can also be washed.As they can’t be removed while having meals and also one can’t wash it or brush and floss the teeth properly, the bacteria remains in the gaps between the teeth and the wires & brackets along with the food particles, it is impossible to maintain proper oral hygiene.
6Doctor VisitsLesser visits to DoctorMore visits required to the Doctor
7Food RestrictionsNo food restriction as they can be removed while eating or drinking hot liquidsA range of food are restricted during the entire treatment period
8Treatment periodIdeally 12-18 monthsIdeally 18-36 months

Aligners4U – We “Align” your beautiful Smile

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