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Clear Aligner treatment for Deep Bite

Aligners4U – “A Gift Of Perfect Smile Forever”

What is a Deep Bite

Deep bite is a dental condition in which the upper front teeth overlap the lower front teeth too much when the jaws are closed. This makes the top teeth protrude out more than the bottom ones. As a result, it adversely affects the aesthetic appearance and the smile of the person apart form undermentioned problems

In case of a deep bite, when the upper teeth cover too much of the lower teeth, the top teeth often go below the gum line of the lower teeth. This may lead to pain in the jaw and head, speech impediments, too much wear on the lower teeth, and biting & chewing issues.

Deep Bite treatment by Clear Aligners

Deep bites cases, which are mild to moderate, can be treated by clear or invisible aligners. Clear aligners from “ALIGNERS4U” is a good choice for treating a deep bite. “ALIGNERS4U” offers a series of customized, transparent, removable aligners that progressively push the teeth into the correct / desired position. A dental specialist will assess the deep bite to determine if Clear aligner is a suitable therapy.

Once the clear aligner therapy is finalized, the dental specialist will generate a 3D model of the patient’s teeth. The patient will next receive a set of aligners, which snuggly fit on the teeth. Each of the aligner set is worn for two weeks before being replaced by the next set in the series. As the patient advances through the aligner treatment, their teeth will progressively shift into the desired position giving an aesthetic smile & appearance.

Aligners4U – “A Gift Of Perfect Smile Forever”

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