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Clear / Invisible Aligner Therapy for Anterior Crossbite

ALIGNERS4U – “A Gift of  a Dream SMILE4U”

Anterior Crossbite

This is a condition where the upper front teeth (incisors) bite behind the lower front teeth. The upper teeth are in front of the lower teeth in a normal bite. This condition may be caused by : thumb sucking or use of pacifier, early tooth loss or delayed permanent tooth eruption.

An untreated anterior crossbite can cause discomfort, difficulties in biting and chewing, also tooth and gum damage. It may also cause headaches, jaw pain, and other symptoms.

Clear aligner therapy

ALIGNERS4U’s clear aligners are an excellent choice for those with mild to severe cases of tooth Anterior Crossbite. We make clear, removable, and custom made personalised plastic trays for client’s unique tooth shape and size. In our advanced CAD-CAM lab, we design a 3D model replica, based on the impressions of patients’ teeth and their mouth. This is then delivered to our “State Of The Art” fabrication and finishing lab for completion.

After fabrication, our team of Prosthodontist check the aligners one more time before fitting them to the patient’s teeth. The duration of treatment might range from six months to eighteen months, sometimes even more, depending on how severe the illness is.

ALIGNERS4U – “A Gift Of Dream SMILE4U”

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