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Clear Aligners Treatment For Teeth Gap/Spacing

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Teeth Gap: The term “teeth gap” refers to the absence of a single tooth or multiple teeth in the upper jaw. It’s a frequent dental issue that can have many causes, such as heredity, gum disease, thumb sucking, tongue pushing, or an abnormally small or large jawbone.

Teeth gaps pose a major concern to people on two fronts – 1) Aesthetics looks of missing teeth and the cosmetic part; 2) Experiencing trouble while biting and chewing due to the gaps. Tooth gaps can be closed with the help of orthodontic appliances like braces or clear aligners.

Teeth gaps are caused by following factors

  • Genetics: This can be a genetic issue, passing on from generation to generation
  • Pacifier or Thumb-sucking : Excessive use of pacifier or thumb sucking for a long period of time, as both move the teeth forward, result in the gaps to be formed
  • Tongue thrusting: Regular tongue thrusting, as a habit, against the front teeth also causes the gaps between the teeth
  • Gum disease: Teeth gaps can also be a result of bone loss due to any gum / periodontal disease
  • Small Teeth: Another reason for tooth gap is the case of small teeth in relation to the jaw bones
  • Missing teeth: In the case of tooth loss, the adjacent teeth try to fill in the empty space causing the teeth gaps
  • Incorrect swallowing: Pushing the tongue against the upper front teeth while swallowing food also cause gaps
  • Jaw Malocclusion: Misalignment or malocclusion of the upper jaw and the lower jaw also results in Teeth gaps

Aligner Treatment for Teeth Gap: Invisible or clear aligners are considered to be one of the most effective orthodontic treatment option for Teeth Gaps. They are preferred over traditional braces/ metal braces/ rubber bands. Aligners are transparent, removable plastic trays that are individually fabricated as per the patient’s teeth profile to fit the patient’s teeth. They gradually move the patient’s teeth into an ideal position, closes the gap and also is instrumental in straightening the teeth.

Aligners4U – A Gift of a “CONFIDENT SMILE4U”

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